Some tips will help:

1. Eat nutrient-dense food

What does this actually mean… food that is functional and with purpose!

This may not seem so easy but when your taught to choose food that has meaning it makes sense! I always say food with purpose not air with calories. Foods that are jammed packed full of high-quality vitamins, minerals, healthy-protein, antioxidants, and nutrients to fuel your body for optimum performance in and out of the gym. The difference between a processed rice cracker and a real snack!


2. Eat lean healthy protein at every meal 

Lean protein not just any protein. This is what makes the difference, to control hunger and reduce impulse eating and cravings, improve mental health, balance blood glucose levels.. the right protein is essential.. achieving good plant based proteins, nuts, seeds. Starting your day with this make the difference and every other meal is the hangover.


3. Toss the idea of no carbs

It only makes you grumpy and want more processed carbs.

It really hasn’t worked for anyone over the last 2 decades to exclude carbohydrates. This means low energy, defeats building lean muscle, grumpily mood and definitely not helping out gut bacteria. Makes sense that as a population it’s working against us.

Carbs are fuel…. but you MUST be eating the right carbs to do this. Vegetables, good whole grains, sourdough, spelt breads are just some carbs that are super.. this is what the gut craves and what gets rid if toxins abs improves bad bacteria,

Eat green leafy vegetables at every meal to give your body the nutrients it needs to perform all day.


4. Timing – Start by Eating the Right Food at the Right Time

Don’t underestimate how important this is. This is what keeps you in control.

The reality is that health and weight is about keeping in control of your hunger, impulse and decisions. Especially when we live in an environment if 24/7 access to food.

I am definitely guilty of an intentional indulgence and I think that’s the key to keeping it real and normal but when there is the idea of restriction in your head it almost always turns bad… human nature.. restriction is a game of how long you can last!. The cost of going off diet after the game is lost and binge eating can undo more than just the last few days, it unleashes a lot of emotional feelings of despair and unworth  and it allows a lot of toxins back into the diet damaging the pathways which affect your ability to lose weight!
Stick to your timing and you will be pleasantly surprised how well you control your impulses!!

5. Snacking is a strategy

The best eating plan incorporates snacking… trust me it’s what makes you  gain control of your plan, gain nutrient density, keep to the desired protein amount you need… this is when you can protein and fuel up before and after exercise.

A plant-based protein is perfect tbh for fueling your body as well as muscle recovery. Plant-based proteins are nutrient-dense and easily digestible, which supports good health, while also having a full spectrum of amino acids that are essential for both energy and muscle tone.

It’s not so easy to get the nutrient dense, high protein, good fibre breakfast and whilst you can try sometimes a little back up mix may be A good idea… trying some of my home made smoothies and or pre prepared smoothies may be what you need… a combination of healthy plant-based proteins as well as natures Organic super nutrient ingredients to help tone and build lean muscle.

The healthy empire smoothies are beneficial with the goodness of a plant protein as well as intentional novel ingredients such as green tea, matcha, Camu, Superich antioxidants such as raw, organic cacao powder and berry powders.




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