Healthy Empire by VickyG


A product line that started as a joke amongst good friends became a mission. As I collected ideas, I developed a unique health line, and that is how Healthy Empire was created.

More than just a healthy snack or drink. The Healthy Empire line was designed as the solution for health-conscious people, driven by my wonderful clients, who were bold enough to enhance their lifestyles and create their very own Healthy Empire.

Every Product developed was with the intention to be deliciously free of guilt with every tasty bite or sip. A product whereby health meets taste and a waistline and body that will love you for it.

As the world was trending to health and fitness I needed to go with the majority….. not just a meal plan or education session but a solution as a snack or a shake that could be trusted. This met the majority and gave results of health, taste, and pleasure.

That’s why the HEALTHY EMPIRE range was designed.

The Why?

Healthy Empire was born from the belief that what you put in your body translates to how you interact with the world. — And creating an Empire starts with your lifestyle.

As a nutritionist I recognised a gap in the market and with the experience and everyday discussions amongst clients and the movement to health creation, I wanted to provide accessibility to healthy options, that didn’t feel like a sacrifice.

The Solution

To offer a real healthy snack and smoothie, created by a nutritionist and designed to be consumed daily; the delicious selection of snacks not only provide optimum nutrition but satisfy cravings without guilt or second thought. And trusted!

The mission is to empower and inspire individuals to unapologetically create a lifestyle where small healthy choices made every day, contribute to a greater sense of wellbeing. And all it took was a tweak in our attitudes backed with knowledge and a lot of taste.

While I take pride in contributing to the overall health through products and tailored programs, it is a part of the wider nutrition movement – one that includes regular exercise, daily ritual and self-accountability.




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