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1:1 Consultations

We all require a process that we can trust and leave in the hands of an expert. Information to be absorbed and understood in an environment that works for every individual. My audience is best reached through three avenues of engagement.

Face to face– in individual or group consultations, at seminars and events where information can be real and delivered.

Written word– through emails, newsletters, meal plan and or publications that you subscribe to.

Social media– through quick and easy to digest content in the form of video or photographic evidence.

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DOCTORS AND Allied Health Professionals

Supporting your patient’s health through credible and up to date nutritional advice.  Allowing nutritional services to parallel and compliment medical practitioners, mental health practitioners and allied health. Making the investment in ensuring your patients are looked after and produce positive results.  With the commitment of being informed on the progress of your patient’s health journey of which supports your medical expertise.  

Each consultation is dedicated to improving any medical conditions that patients may have, with education and instructions to make practical and measurable changes that are within the means of the patient.  

Specialising in the following:

Weight loss and weight loss longevity, Diabetes and pre-diabetes, including impaired glucose tolerance, Heart disease, blood Pressure & cholesterol management, Diabetes & IGT (pre-diabetes) & PCOS High cholesterol – Cholesterol reduction with alternative food approach Sleep Apnoea, Gut health – microbiome – dysbiosis Vegetarian/ vegan diets Paediatric Nutrition, Linking diet to autism, ADD/ADHD, Paediatric Fussy Eaters – implementing the Power of associational food technique.

The individual

For the individual investing time into health for quite a while.
We all fall into exploring fad diets, following health fads and keeping up with the latest food trends. They can be successful but seem to be difficult to sustain.

We are very social people, the demands of a highly busy life and a plethora of food availability making it difficult to maintain good habits, to maintain good health and well-being, to maintain youthfulness and quality of life and may need help in deciphering and implementing changes that are easy and sustainable.

The key to success is by communication, clarity of what is right and how to achieve, positive reinforcements and feeling motivated, support and feeling like you simply cannot fail.

“What if you didn’t have to skip out on Sunday brunch? I tailor programs to optimise your lifestyle, not take away from it.”


Directors, business owners, managers

With teams of people to lead and understanding the value in retaining employees, knowing health enough to understand that offering solutions and options to improve the livelihood of their staff/members is the best way to do this. The corporate world is very progressive and open to the world of health that doesn’t come in packets and test tubes, but lacking the time to be able to explore it properly.

The corporate world needs and prefers short, clear and succinct information wanting to know what the bottom line is: what’s the return on investment is?

Communication by statistics and facts that will catch staff attention and confirm ROI. Improving staff morale and productivity as well as maximising investments.

“Morning huddles can add direction to the team’s day, but longevity and sustainability is all in the diet.”




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