Not Losing Weight? These are some reasons why…

If you are frustrated with pushing yourself working out hard and eating well and you still struggling to see a result, this may shed a little light and help in the matter.

Maybe you are falling into this trap:
Often, we focus on cutting calories and waiting for the right mindset. Unfortunately, that hardly happens and if it does, it is always short lived. There isn’t a magic wand that will miraculously give you the right head space, but rather, we need to work on creating the right headspace. Here are a few things that are potentially keeping you from losing weight, plus ways to address them and give you a starting point for new progress.

1. All or nothing
Committing to eating well and exercising daily is key for reaching your weight-loss goals. However, when the standard is too high or at 100% it can be really tough to stick with and might make you feel that you have broken your “diet” which may also backfire.
When you start off feeling like you have to eat 100% and eat ZERO of the things you may like to indulge in a little, it may make you want to eat them even more….” human nature right?”.  The fact that we have access to these foods 24/7 make it easier to cave to the temptation and binge on them too, and with that comes the feeling of regret and possibly abandoning the goal altogether.
“We can’t win!!!” so allowing yourself to enjoy these foods occasionally may make it all the easier to get the mental and physical results.
“Focus on being 100% only 90% of the time and give yourself that 10% incidental. The more the approach is moderate the easier it is to maintain in the long term.
The more you know that you can have that slice of pizza the more the feeling of deprivation won’t make you give up all together. Same goes for exercise, less is more, and rest days will help you repair.

2. Blame it on your Genes?
Your physiology may be dictating how much weight you hold on to whereby some bodies are a little more muscular and tend to have speedier metabolisms and others may burn calories at a slower rate.
We all have a different metabolic rate, genetics and also different personalities which all make a difference to our weight control and weight loss days.
Even though you may have to work a little harder if your body tends to be a little more stubborn you can certainly move your weight.
The method to move that stubborn weight is to cut your calories just a little more, volume eat to increase that metabolism and focus on cutting refined sugars.
What more can you do? there is plenty, more patience and incorporating high intensity workouts, weight training to boost your calorie burning, volume eating, all good strategies for sure.

3. Too consistent and the same routine may not always be a good thing
Salad again?
Having a ‘little too little’ variety? Not always a good thing! having the same thing and doing the same exact workout and eating the same exact foods day in and day out may be the problem. Being disciplined with routine and habit can feel like you are getting results, but it can make it rather hard to stick to and can make it harder to lose weight.
The easier a workout gets the less you will burn and changing it up is super important to keep your body challenged so your calorie burn doesn’t drop off.
As for repeating your menu over and over? Having the same salad for lunch won’t affect your metabolism or calories but may get a bit too boring and can lead to rebellion.

4. Hitting the pavement too much
Exercising regularly is definitely a plus but working out for hours on end may actually work against you.
The bulk of your weight-loss progress comes from eating less. You cannot chase your calories with exercise. When we exercise too much, we may get a little too tired and fatigue can trigger that need for cravings. Or we feel like
working out means we can eat more. Some studies show that people who exercised more actually upped there calories more unconsciously.
Over exercising, can add a lot of stress to your body and put you at risk of injury which may completely sideline your exercise for days. Overexercise can lead to calorie deficit which may mean breaking down muscle for extra energy, defeating the whole purpose and hindering our increase in metabolism.
What’s the sweet spot, then? According to the department of health and Human services, moderate is 150 to 300 minutes a week and intense is 75 to 150.

5. You’re Not Eating Enough food
Your metabolism will slow down if you cut calories too drastically.
We know that there is no other way than cutting calories to lose weight. HOWEVER, eating too little calories can affect your metabolism and get in the way of your results. around it.
Your body slows its metabolic rate in order to conserve energy, not to mention that extreme calorie restriction leads to muscle loss, which is the tissue that is most active. A clever process called gluconeogenesis is the bodies way to create glucose when we are not consuming enough food.
The way to make calories reduction work for you is to cut your calories by 300 to 500cal, that will create 0.5 to 1kg per week of body fat loss.

This is how I work with my clients and this is what creates a long-term goal. Needing some help to achieve your results, shout out.




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