… heat under the sheets!

Maca is one of those supplement powders that has made itself well known, probably due to its claim of “creating heat under the   sheets”…..It also boosts health, energy, improves your mood as well as your libido.
The maca plant is def not the  new kid on the block as it has been around for more than 3000 years.
It comes from Peru and resembles a cruciferous root vegetable.
I luv my Maca Powder in my smoothie daily and also added to your oats or sweet treats. Its earthy and nutty and tastes a little like   butterscotch…. Super delicious!!

 The Simple Benefits
The list of benefits are quite remarkable. The maca root is said to relieve symptoms of anemia and chronic fatigue syndrome……   improves energy, athletic performance, stamina and memory.

The Bedroom benefits
From improvements in menopausal symptoms or women who have menstrual problems to help with both male and female infertility and supposedly boosts libido and sexual performance in both sexes. Other benefits or relief of are Osteoporosis, Stomach cancer, Leukemia seen in studies although more research needed.

The Beauty benefits
One of maca’s most marketable skills is that it can keep hormones in check—a bonus for those who experience acne flare-ups around that time of the month. This adaptogen also helps reduce your skin breakouts, and improve collagen production… and noticeably I have seen huge skin improvements with my clients..

The Nutritional benefits
Maca is rich in both iron and iodine, both important for your thyroid. When your thyroid is working effectively, it helps your sex hormones and skin…. Hair loss is also common in hormonal and thyroid issues, so using maca may be very helpful…
This super root is also rich in manganese and zinc, this —two nutrients that the help your immune system…  and supper important.

The Glowing benefits
It is incredibly super dense, with a solid source of protein and vitamic C, it may increase collagen a fight free radicals that can cause everything from skin damage to inflammation. It has also got vitamins D and E, which regulate collagen production as well.”

How to use Maca powder?
Its really about Your personal preference…
When it comes to actually consuming maca, there’s no right or wrong way—it’s really a question of personal preference.  maca powder to your smoothies is def a great idea, I use in my smoothie concoction every single day…. or you can try our delicious Healthy Empire Smoothie mixes!!




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