Breakfast Solutions

 Whether you are convinced or not that breakfast is your most important meal, there is much research to support that it actually is!! Missing breakfast can set you up for a fall.
I see it like this…. snacks, lunch and dinner are the hangover from breakfast. If you have a good breakfast, you are more likely to choose better over the next meals.
Makes sense, right?
Why is breakfast essential?
Why do my clients achieve results when eating a healthful breakfast?
The answer is simple, it controls your appetite and prevents you from impulse eating particularly in the morning…. breakfast provides you with the energy and the feeling of satiety, so you can have a physically and mentally active, morning that is snack-free.  It controls your blood sugar levels, prevents impulse eating and starts the day well……… less grumpy perhaps too, as a good breakfast can also improve concentration and mood.  Not to mention skipping this breakfast is a missed opportunity for your vitamins and minerals….

Whether you intermittently fast and have your breakfast closer to 10, 11 or 12 noon, your still breaking the fast with a well-designed breakfast.

The design of a breakfast is simple, it should be based on a simple core formula of whole grains, lean proteins, fruits and vegetables.

The perfect breakfast protein, fiber and plenty of colour!

  • The Plus Protein is key with breakfast, a good protein, will help manage your weight by promoting satiety, or blatently curbing that need for a 10 a.m. dip in the cookie jar snack break. This itself saves many unwanted calories and better yet it prevents the onset of a trigger or escalade of more high fat, high dense snacks.  The Downside – most of the popular and common breakfasts typically skew high in carbohydrates and low in protein.
  • The grains fuel your brain and daily activity, the fiber promotes a healthy microbiome and keep the digestive system in good condition. Low-fat protein supplies the amino acid building blocks for cellular repair and production. Fruits and vegetables provide fiber, vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals that keep cellular processes functioning and protect the body from disease.
  • Missing a big Opportunity – We find it hard to get enough nutrients in our diet as it is, let alone miss this opportunity; it is the front-load of your day with vitamins and minerals you might miss out on otherwise. Even better, with a very well-designed breakfast you can get the nutrients most people need. Orange, strawberries or grapefruit juice is an excellent source of vitamin C. Eggs, chia seed, pumpkin seeds can provide iron. Folate is present in fortified whole grain products and fruits and vegetables provide a wide range of necessary nutrients.
Fixing a healthy breakfast in the morning doesn’t have to be difficult.

So what are our options?

We need to be sceptical with this breakfast, buying cold cereal isn’t as easy as we think, high fiber and low sugar are your 2 key points when choosing this breakfast. Adding extra protein helps make this meet our breakfast criteria, a good natural plant protein makes it easy to do this.  A good seed like pumpkin seeds or using a good quinoa can also help up your protein. Add your sweetness through a natural sweet, fruit, blueberries or sliced strawberries on top of grain are best choices. Use low-fat milk or your favourite non-dairy milk–such as almond, soy or rice milk–to top your cereal.

A hot cereal in winter can be the perfect way to heat up your morning. A warm porridge made just the way you like it, a good almond milk, topped with protein powder and pumpkin seeds increases protein, flavour and fiber. Sweeten it up with some stewed apple and some cinnamon and its heavenly!! Banana and walnut creates a good combination and all nourishing your body.

Eggs are an excellent source of protein; however, they do increase your cholesterol levels, so a couple times a week works… poach, dry fry or boil… keep it lean! If you love it have more rely on an omelette and use more white 1 yolk : 3-4 whites. Volumise this meal with a heap of vegetables to add your vitamins and a good grainy sourdough bread for fiber. Even a simple couple of boiled eggs and banana work well.

Smoothies are my fav…. Easy, convenient and a delicious breakfast alternative. Tread with caution when you choose this breakfast, not all smoothies are equal…. Some are just fruit juices and others are sweetened and have a lot of added bits you want to avoid. Basic principal with a smoothie is your oats, protein, a seed and your fruit, mixed with a good milk, my fav is almond milk. My smoothie mixes have these qualities but more…. You can get a lot of nourishment in a smoothie but be conscious that they are not dense…. Making them high calorie. Have a look at to suss  what makes a good smoothie!

Other Savory Breakfasts

Aside from eggs, you can choose some great sourdough spelt, oat and grainy breads, with good quality nut spread… easy and you can get this breakfast anywhere… If you are adventurous, make miso soup with tofu, bok choy, cabbage, and sea vegetables.




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