Are you already thinking of your New Years Resolution???well, Staying fit and healthy and losing weight top every years New Years resolutions and it is highly likely that fitness, health and weight loss will be lists again this year.
Forty-five percent of People usually make New year’s Resolutions. I’m one of them, are you? Well I pretend not to be but I am?

The good news: Those who make resolutions are 10 times more likely to attain their goal and 75% are able to keep them through the first week of the new year.
The bad news: Only 8 % succeed entirely to their satisfaction. Let’s raise this %, first accept that we make resolutions and plan to cement them and get goals.

1. Make Your Goals Measurable

Eg: if you have a fitness resolution, rather than saying your goal is to “get strong” or “get fit,” it is more effective to set concrete goals “my goal to be able to do 50 push-ups” or “I want to be to reach 125kg on my glute bridges” #alphasquad or have my smoothie every morning…#vickyghealthyempire or have no sugar in my coffee or choose a 3/4 coffee instead of large size….

2. Make your goal challenging, but achievable. Write down your goal, sign it, date it, and put it somewhere prominent. “Mine is to do the 60km coastal treck!

3. Commit Yourself to Your Goal

As silly as it sounds, write it down….”this January I am doing 5km runs or walks every 2nd day, I am cooking meals for lunch and making breakfast am daily…I am buying smaller plates…..Write in your notebook or a day planner…

4. Tell Your Friends and Family

Share your resolution with your friends and ask what there’s is…..some may support you in it and in fact may have similar goals.. this keeps you accountable. If your goal is to work out 6 days a week or eat more vegetables, check in with a friend who has similar goals….. which leads me to the next tip….

5. buddy up with a friend #monikathomaidis my buddy… .
We seem to get ourselves up early morning 1-2 per week….. our resolution is 3-4 in 2020…
Having a workout buddy can help increase your motivation. Scheduling time to to go running or lift weights with your buddy can make exercise more fun, and it can also make you less likely to skip your workouts. Set challenges with your buddy!!! Set times goals and achieve results…

We agree to set our iPhone alarms at 6am to pound the pavement. Because we both know we have committed to get up, we are less likely to push the “snooze” button.

If you haven’t got that friend around then join a challenge #alphasquad #bftoakleigh or keep accountable with your nutritionist for more personalized goals….

These first 5 tips are to start thinking about the how to achieve and the best attitude for it…. stay tuned for the next 5 tips…




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