Why Volume Eating Is the way to go :  VE by VG
It really hasn’t worked to cut calories. Losing weight by eating more is like a winning chip. It may sound almost too good to be true but why wouldn’t it work, it makes total sense to me. If you take a look at the calories of some of the foods, you are eating the chances are you can totally reduce the calories but add the volume. A bit more bang for your buck? I totally get asked, “how can you eat all that food? And my answer is, volumise your food to get results.

What do I mean?
To understand how volume eating works you have to ditch that long standing idea that eating more equals more calories… start thinking quality over quantity.  This is a technique and will work for you in many ways.
Simply put, the idea involves strategically packing your meals with large amounts of low-calorie foods. As a result, you feel full while cutting calories. At 22 calories per cup of cabbage you can make it go a long way…
You just need to know how to make the taste and health meet and you will want more and more.

How Volume Eating Helps Weight Loss
The whole Idea is that you are eating a more filling diet for less calories, which ultimately promotes weight loss. To lose approximately 1kg per week we need a deficit of 500cal per day. To do this on any restricted “diet” will only lead to bingeing. Calorie-restricted diets can be difficult and can leave you feeling hungry, grumpy, tired and not enjoyable.  A recipe for disaster.. Eating more volume can keep you more satiated and make it easier to stick with your plan and improve your health overall.

Go to Volume Eats…
Vegetables, wholegrains and lean proteins are my go-to Volume Eats. Knowing how to do this with flavour is a learning process and one you can adopt in your style of eating. Free soups, feature vegies, free juices and salads are all great ideas and ones that you can enjoy…. Free is the term I use to describe these volume eating foods. They burn up plenty of energy just to consume and digest, so you can see why I call them Free!!

Should You Consider Volume Eating?
This is for everyone! . volume eating isn’t a step-by-step “diet” regimen.  This is a strategy and one you can use all the time…. It takes a little planning and a good range of recipes to make volume eating work for you. The benefit of focusing on volume and quality of food out-weighs the extra planning… Free soups or vegie dishes can help make one volume eat meal work for you for many days. But that’s what we are here for to help you all the way, so keep watching for our recipe ideas…..
The only little side affect maybe a little extra movement in your tummy, from consuming more fiber.  Especially if you are not typically consuming much fiber, to begin with, then tread with a little caution and introduce these fiber-heavy foods more gradually.
While it will take a little more commitment, a little more creativity, eating more of these voluminous foods, like vegetables, whole grains and lean proteins, can not only help you stay in a calorie deficit more easily but can provide your body with the vitamins and nutrients it needs and naturally work better for you. Keep looking out for more ideas and more recipes coming to you soon.

The benefits
The benefits of volume eating are greater than we give it credit for.
Not only will VE increase the overall nutritional value of your meals with foods that are super rich in nutrition, the super greens and the whole grains, compared to  low-volume alternatives, like processed foods like some muesli bars etc it but it will also make the gut bacteria jump for joy. This in itself will make a difference to your results. It makes all the sense in the world. I see it like this, we are sponging more vitamins, mineral and fibre with volume eating. By doing this we naturally increase and improve gut health, absorb more vitamins, improve metabolic pathways and increase our bodies efficiencies. The body starts to work better and hence you will get to your goal weight better.  The more fiber the more chance you will get results as this is big benefit of VE and is a sure indicator of weight loss according to a study in the Journal of Nutrition 2019.



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