What have we learnt over self-isolation???
First, we know how to bake the same cake in 5 different ways, second, we know which household object or child we can use to mimic weights cause we couldn’t buy any (out of stock) and the third fact, that being at home increased unwanted weight gain.

Whilst trying to adapt and adopt this new normal it has been hard to stay motivated and stick to a healthy routine when your office is on the living room table and your walking to and from the pantry. If you have gained a little more weight you need to know you are not the only person and you are not the only one looking to reset.  Through ISO one, we had some really great results with 90% of my clients keeping their weigh stable…. YEAHHHHHH to us!!

So how do you reset, lose weight or stabilize weight in this next phase?

Well first, restricting your food intake is not the answer. While it may seem in theory the most logical thing to do based on some social media trends, restriction for life sounds like imprisonment really and realistically not achievable.
Attempting restriction eating seems to work only temporarily and usually, very short-lived weight loss…but does it work really? No. if you regain the temporary weight loss from restriction then it hasn’t really worked, has it???

The promise of a 5kg drop in a week seems too good to miss out on, so we tend to go in and out of weight loss and gain…. Although these fad diets and trends sound affective it is your lifestyle that you have to really change and although sounds hard work it’s may not be as hard as it seems.

The focus needs to be on the process and chipping away at behaviours, the messages and the things we work on in our sessions that help us be innovative with new ideas, strategies that can make our weight control easy and sustainable.

It’s not about cutting out foods it Is about increasing your whole portfolio of food and volume eating, you sound surprised…


1. Volume Eating is my thing and my strategy
Make your meals and snacks produce based. What does this mean? It means make more soups, veggie meals, feature veg (my revolutionary strategy). They are creative ways of making produce foods a feature snack or meal in your day. A few examples are my; miso eggplant, my fennel soup, my zucchini chips and cauli hash browns… all of these tasty snacks or sides that are super tasty and volumize your eating. This is my way. These foods are loaded with vitamins and minerals, fibre and high-water content.  So, a definite goal.

2. Be consistent – nail down your pattern
and be consistent with it.  By keeping to your structure and habit you can then work on how to improve them. As big way and very successful way is tracking your food and exercise habits. This was you can work on what makes you feel your best and continue to do it. Committing to exercise or cook meals with friends may work as a good strategy making you consistent.  Keeping to a set time and structure with your personal habits, i.e., shower, mealtimes, exercise times equals my habit. An example of this is I have committed to a friend to exercise in the morning and a PT for strength training. I have committed to those extra

3. Drink drink drink… that’s is hydrate…. This has amazing results….
Visualise this scene, which I bet is quite familiar. You are working from home and you get up and move to the pantry and open it and ponder on what you would like to snack on,  you then close the pantry again to then reopen it and succumb to opening  the bag of chips, to then realise after you have finished
‘ the whole bag’ that you were only thirsty. So try to create a water behaviour by setting an alarm on your phone to remind you to drink and definitely having a water bottle close by in hands reach. Try and remind yourself to drink first before you open that bag of chips….. Aim to flavour your water with orange slices, lime, berries and even kiwi fruit and this makes your eater super yummy.

4. Keep moving 
Moving more is super essential, not for burning calories as you can’t chase calories with exercise but to keep the neurotransmitters up as this will help apply your good eating. It may not be super easy to go to the gym the traditional way and sweating it out at the gym may not be so appealing at the moment but adding movement wherever you possibly can is super key.Taking that time to walk to the coffee shop and go the long way. Booking with your PT, your Pilates class online or even committing with your friends to work out online makes you move… I do all x 3 at the moment…… Your sanity is super important and exercise is essential. Behaviour change and practical application with positive psychology from the commitment of food and exercise will help you re connect with yourself, build your healthy habits towards the new normal.

5. Give yourself a Break  
It is super normal to feel a little out of control at the minute and frustrated when your trying to keep it together and healthy…. So being 70 to 80% good is more than enough.




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