(easy, colourful and delicious)

This Bowl features silken tofu but you can exchange your proteins with any other favourite protein, salmon, tuna, chicken also work a treat, in a delicious, hoisin, sweet chili and rice wine vinegar or a miso, mirin, soy sauce with sesame seeds and paired with rice, red cabbage, broccoli, egg plant…. a quick and easy meal on a bowl!

I love this poke bowl recipe with tofu, it’s quick, easy and completely addictive weekly reliance!

As you probably know, poke is traditionally made with tuna or some kind of fish, but you can use cubed organic tofu too, which soaks up the marinade and has a tender mouth feel. I love making this with edamame beans.

Perfect for lunch, dinner and can be whipped up in as little as 20 minutes!




1 tbs Miso

2tbs Mirin

1 tbs Rice Wine Vinegar

1tbs Sesame Seeds

1 tbs Sweet Chili Sauce

2tbs Soy Sauce

2tbs Hoisin Sauce

1 tsp wasabi

2 tbs Pickled ginger


Protein Source (choose 1 of the following)

400g Organic Firm Tofu

400g Chicken

400g tuna Fresh




¼ Red Cabbage

1 x Broccoli

1 x eggplant Diced

1 cup Green beans




  1. Miso eggplant: Marinade diced eggplant with 1 tbs miso paste (I like to use my organic miso by Nourish me organics), 1 tbs rice wine vinegar and 1 tbs mirin and 1 tb sesame seeds. Gently toss to coat and let set for 10 minutes, stirring once or twice.
  2. Edamame Peas: In a hot pan or wok, add 1 tbs sesame oil to coat the pan. When hot toss the edamame until cooked and add some salt for wasabi for flavour.
  3. Prep the produce: While the protein in your poke is marinating, prep the cabbage, broccoli (blanch broccoli heads)
  4. Add the flavour on the side to dress your bowl: Add the ginger, wasabi, soy sauce as condiments
  5. Slice red cabbage and sauté’ in a pot with a touch of water and 1 tbs of the rice wine vinegar.
  6. Prep the grain: For the grain, use cooked brown or black rice, quinoa or my fav cauli rice… all are great too.
  7. Assemble: Assemble your tofu poke bowl and enjoy all the deliciousness of this simple, savory meal!


Serves x 2

Marinade the TOFU/TUNA/ CHICKEN marinade: In a bowl, whisk together the hoisin sauce, sweet chili sauce and mirin. Add your choice of protein and mix marinade through and allow to soak. Gently toss to coat and let set for 10 minutes, stirring once or twice