What a rollercoaster of a week it has been…

So many unsettling emotions, yet not estranged ones. We are wanting to let you know that the team at HEG and our nutritionist, Vicky Gomez, are still here to help.
Dietetics and nutrition are essential, and we will still be working as per normal.

It is an opportunity, perhaps a forced one to focus on our health, but ultimately it is a real opportunity, with not many distractions, more time and definitely super important to create and action new habits. Learning from our first ISO waive we are now not going to make that same mistake twice, that is ”letting our health go”. In fact I have seen an influx of clients reaching out for help to create, cement and use this next 6 weeks to make their health goals happen.

Knowledge is the key to creating the motivation to change. At these times we want to make sure we check in and help each other and use knowledge, motivation to lead to actioning and cementing habits. Our mental and physical health suffer during these unchartered times and therefore so important to be take a proactive approach to nutrition. A meal plan to reset and correct your eating and exercise will not only help with the physical body and prevent weight gain and other heath issues but it will help create  a positive mental state.
Reach out and we are more than happy to help.

With all of our
positive vibes




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